Residential Life

Opening Weekend

The residence halls open for new and returning students on Saturday, January 22, 2022. More information will be added to this page prior to opening.

New On-Campus Students

Students moving into on-campus housing for the Spring semester (i.e. those who did not live on-campus for the Fall semester) will receive their housing assignment in early or mid January. Information about key pickup, move-in locations, and time slots will be contained in the housing assignment email.

Continuing On-Campus Students

Students who lived on-campus for the Fall semester and who are returning to the same housing assignment for the Spring semester will complete a self check-in via the StarRez housing portal upon their arrival. This will trigger the activation of swipe access and inform our staff that the student has arrived.

Early Arrival Information

Individual Requests

Individual students may request early arrival via the StarRez Housing Portal. Approval is not guaranteed and students should not plan to arrive early unless/until they receive written early arrival permission from our office. 

Individual early arrival costs $39 per day.

Departmental Requests

Students participating in university-sponsored activities (athletics, employment training, etc.) may arrive early. Departments will submit early arrival requests for their students and cover the associated early arrival costs for the appropriate dates.

Departmental early arrival costs are $39 flat per student.