Residential Life

Your Room

Learn about room furnishings, getting in, computing and television, trash and recycling and room safety.

Students receive their brass room key when they check in upon arrival on campus. Your key will open your room/suite/apt. The key may also open common areas (e.g., bathroom, bike room), but it will not open other student rooms.

The duplication of any University key is strictly prohibited. The security breach represented by multiple copies of keys is intolerable and will be accompanied by confiscation and a fine. In addition, a lock change will be ordered at an additional charge.

The possession of any University key for which the holder is not expressly authorized is also prohibited.

Information about connecting to Brown Wifi and other services can be found in CIS’ New Student Guide.

Be certain to read the Brown policy on using computing resources available from Computing and Information Services and Student Rights and Responsibilities. It is important to know the guidelines for proper use (e.g., University resources may not be used for personal financial gain, partisan political activity or candidate campaigning, or to harass someone). Remember that when you link to the network you are using University resources, and we all are obligated to abide by the University's computing policies.

Each room is provided with a white bucket for collecting recyclable materials and a waste basket for non-recyclable trash. It is the student's responsibility to take materials to centralized locations and separate the contents of the white buckets into larger bins (e.g., paper vs. cans). For fire safety reasons, the doors to trash and recycling rooms should be kept closed at all times. Brown Facilities Management personnel remove trash and recycling from the residence halls.

Recycling is mandatory in the State of Rhode Island and is a Brown University Policy. Contamination occurs when materials are discarded in the wrong container, and is a violation of state law.

If in doubt, put material in the trash receptacle to avoid contaminating the recycling, call Custodial Services at 863-7840, or email Recycling room locations can be found on the list of Residence Hall Service Rooms.

Personal Appliances

Because of the fire and life safety hazard they pose, portable space heaters are strictly prohibited from use in residence halls. Remember, fire safety regulations that govern a building of college student rooms are much more restrictive than those for family living situations.

Room Door

Items should be completely cleared so your room door can completely open.  All means of egress should be cleared and unobstructed.


Rooms are not equipped with safes. See Safety and Security for more on protection of personal property.


While we want you to enjoy your window for both light and air, there are also some important safety guidelines to keep in mind.

Sitting on window ledges or leaning out of windows is prohibited, as is climbing in through or going out of a window. These restrictions are in the interest of safety due to the risk of injury or death should a fall occur.

Throwing things out of windows or off of roofs is also strictly prohibited. This is very hazardous to unsuspecting passers-by. Any student caught throwing things from the windows will be referred to the campus disciplinary system.

For safety reasons and to limit residence hall damage, nothing may be hung from or affixed to the exterior of any window, window frame, or window sill.