Residential Life

All students in University housing receive email reminders of the date and time by which they must be out of their rooms. Residence halls will close for non-graduating students at 12 noon on Saturday, May 20 after the conclusion of the final exams period. Residence halls will close for graduating students at 12 noon on Monday, May 29 after Commencement. 

Confiscated Items

Students who have had any restricted items confiscated by the offices of Residential Life or Environmental Health and Safety during the health and safety inspection process are responsible for retrieving these items prior to their departure for the summer break. Please contact Residential Life at 401-863-3502 to make arrangements for pick up. All unclaimed items will be discarded on May 29 after Commencement.

Students may avoid additional fees by 

  • Vacating their room by the closing date and time.
  • Ensuring all university furniture is in their room - bed, mattress, desk, chair, bookcase, bureau, trash can, and recycling bin. 
  • Removing all adhesives and marks from walls, ceilings, floors and doors.
  • Taking all personal rugs and furnishings. Double-check dressers, closets and desks to ensure all items are removed.
  • Removing all trash from their room. Students must not leave trash in the hallway. There are additional dumpsters outside of residence halls for students' convenience.
  • Locking the door behind upon departure.
  • Returning all key(s) no later than the closing date and time to avoid a lock change.  All lock change fees will be charged to the resident's student account.
  • Reviewing the list of damage billing fees. This price schedule is provided as a reminder that there are specific costs related to readying rooms for the next occupant. The goal in sharing this information is to encourage students to do what it takes to avoid being charged.

Providing a Departure Date

Beginning April 7, all on-campus students must provide their Spring 2023 departure date via the Spring 2023 Departure Date form, which is due by 11:59pm ET on Monday, May 8.

Students who are not certain of their specific departure date should select the most likely date for their departure. 

Students who enter a departure date beyond the standard residence hall closing date will be directed to the extended housing request form.  Students must describe the reason for requesting to remain in residence during this period. All requests are subject to review by the Office of Residential Life and approval is not guaranteed.

Returning Room Keys

All keys must be returned prior to departure from campus and should only be returned in one of the authorized methods detailed below.

Staff Check Out Appointments

Students departing campus on or before Spring closing (May 20 at 12pm) will sign up for a check out appointment. At the appointment, a Residential Life staff member will meet the student at their room, inspect it, and retrieve the student's key. The Check Out Appointment sign-up form will go live April 7.

Express Check Out

Students who are approved for extended housing and/or those students who cannot check out during standard appointment hours will complete an express check out by dropping off their key at the Residential Life Key Office, located on the 3rd floor of Graduate Center E (42 Charlesfield Street, Providence, RI 02906) and filling out an express check out form.

Failure to return room keys by the published deadlines, may result in key change charges being posted to the student's account. The Office of Residential Life does not accept keys that are mailed in.

Moving and Storage Information

Students who plan to utilize a moving and/or storage company to pack, ship, or store their items when they depart must indicate the name of that company on the Spring 2023 Departure form, even if the student does not plan to remain on-campus beyond the closing date. Students are advised that their items must be removed from their room prior to their departure from campus, and it is their responsibility to make these arrangements with any moving and/or storage company they utilize.