Residential Life

Detailed Selection Timeline

November 2023

  • November 1 - Senior Selection Application Launch
    • ANY senior wishing to live on campus for Fall 24 MUST Submit an application prior to 11/28 deadline.
      • Seniors will chose from the following when completing their application: 
        • I will choose to live in a single room or room with only other seniors and pick a room during the December 7th Senior Self-Selection process
        • I will apply to live in a Greek, Program or Theme House and go through the spring room selection process or be placed in the Allotment after I receive those results
        • I will pick to live in a suite/room with non-seniors and go through the spring room selection process (non-seniors will be able to roommate match with seniors and use their timeslot to pick rooms for the group)
  • November 28 - Senior Selection Application Close

December 2023

  • December 7 - Senior Selection Day
    • Seniors who noted that they would be living in a single or only with other seniors will use their timeslot (emailed prior to December 6th) to select a room

January 2024

  • January 31 - Any senior who applied to live on campus that has changed their plans and no longer intends on living on campus must cancel their housing application (and housing assignment) to avoid any cancellation fee
    • If students change their intent after this date - a cancellation fee will apply
    • If students cancel by Jan. 31 but change their plans and later want to live on campus, there will be an opportunity to be assigned a room after the spring self-selection process concludes for rising juniors and sophomores

February 2024

  • February 5 - Housing Application open for ALL NON-SENIOR Students (general selection, Greek, Program, Theme & Special Interest Housing)
    • Any non-senior student bound by the housing requirement MUST submit an application to live on campus.
    • Those students who submit their application prior to Feb. 23rd will be able to participate in either the self-selection process or be considered for an allotment in the Greek process if applicable
    • Students will indicate the following in their application:
      • I will be going through the general self-selection process (selecting a room by myself or in a group with others that are NOT a part of the Greek, Program, Theme or Special Interest Housing)
      • I have expressed my interest to a Greek Organization and if selected will accept a placement in their housing allotment (for any student not accepted, they will be given a timeslot to select through the general self-selection process)
      • I would like to participate in one of the following Theme or Special Interest Communities and will either be placed within or select a room within that community during the selection process (dependent on group’s procedure)
        • Same Sex
        • Substance Free
        • Quiet Housing
        • Wellness
        • Sustainability
        • Interfaith
        • Civic Engagement
  • February 23 - Housing Application Closes for EVERYONE (GPT & Special Interest Deadline)
    • All students bound by the residency requirement must submit a housing application (even those intending to apply for Junior Off Campus Lottery)
    • Deadline to indicate desire to participate in Greek Organization’s Housing Allotment
    • Deadline to Indicate desire to live in Program, Theme or Special Interest Community
  • Mid-February - Junior OCP Application Opens
    • Students wishing to apply to be considered to go off-campus for next year must apply through the JOCP. Application does not guarantee acceptance.

March 2024

  • Early March - Junior OCP Application Closes
  • March 1-21 - Junior Off Campus Release
    • Staff will contact those selected through the random lottery to go off campus on a rolling basis.
  • March 21 - Students Acceptance of Community Offers Due (GPT & SI)
  • March 25-April 5 - GPT Leadership submits placement data to Leadership
  • March 25 - Group Formation begins for Room Selection

April 2024

  • April 9, 10, 11  - General Selection Days
  • April 23 -- Late Assignment Process form becomes available

Self-Selection How-To Guide


Watch this video to understand how self-selection works in our housing portal

Residence Hall Tours

This spring, Residential Life will host tours of the residence halls to inform decision-making during housing selection

Information about residence hall tour will be shared at a future date.

Tabling at the Dining Halls

Housing staff will be tabling at the dining halls to answer housing selection questions

Tabling Hours 

  • Tuesday, March 19: Sharpe Refectory
  • Thursday, March 21: Andrews Commons
  • Tuesday, April 2: Sharpe Refectory
  • Wednesday, April 3: Verney-Woolley
  • Thursday, April 4: Andrews Commons

All tabling hours will be held from 11:30am--1:30pm

Links to Additional Resources

Studying abroad/away in Fall 2024? Read this flyer to learn about the Spring 2025 housing process.