Residential Life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Students will have the opportunity to confirm their intentions to live on-campus by completing a housing application, made available during the spring semester. Applications submitted by the posted deadline will be honored.

Students who are interested in living in GPT or special interest communities will participate in early February. In late February, rising juniors eligible for off-campus permission will express interest and notification whether their application was approved or denied. The general selection process (applications and selection) will occur in early April, allowing for earlier processes to conclude without implications to the final assignment process.

Students will have the ability to select from a wide range of room types and building locations, depending upon the process they choose to participate in, such as Greek, Program, and Theme (GPT) housing or special interest communities.

Students who participate in a specialized selection process (eg. GPT or special interest) and are not selected and/or assigned housing, are still eligible to select housing during the general selection process, which occurs well after those decisions have been made.

Rising seniors who intend to live on campus in fall 2024 will submit an on-campus housing application during the fall 2023 semester.
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