Residential Life

Extended Housing

Graduating Students

Graduating students are not charged for, and do not need to request, extended housing for the period from May 18 at noon to May 27 at noon. This period is automatically extended for seniors so they may attend Commencement. Any graduating student who needs housing after May 27 at 12pm ET must request extended housing.

Extended Housing Requests

Beginning April 3, all on-campus students will be asked to submit their spring departure date via the Spring 2024 Departure form. Students who input a departure date beyond closing (May 18 for non-graduating students or May 27 for graduating students) will be directed to the Extended Housing Request Form to provide more information about their request. The approval of extended housing requests is not guaranteed. 

Pricing and Billing

All extended housing is billed to the student's account at a rate of $45 per night per student.

Students who will remain on campus due to a University-sponsored activity (e.g. on-campus employment or athletic competition) and who have their housing costs sponsored by a department may note that in the Spring 2024 Departure Form. The Office of Residential Life will confirm with that department 1) whether they are sponsoring the housing costs and 2) the specific dates being sponsored. Fully sponsored students will see a $40 extended housing charge and $40 credit appear on their account. If a student departs outside the date(s) noted by their sponsor, that student is responsible for all housing charges for the non-sponsored days at a rate of $45 per day.


During Commencement & Reunion Weekend, some residence halls will be converted to hotel-style housing for Commencement Guests (friends and family of the members of the Class of 2023), and Reunion Guests (alumni celebrating class year reunions). This housing is commonly known as Commencement & Reunion Housing.

For this reason, non-graduating students who receive extended housing between May 18 and May 27 will have to relocate into designated Extended Housing buildings if they currently live in a Commencement & Reunion building. Any student approved to stay after May 27 may have to relocate as not all residence halls are online for summer housing.

Students who are approved for extended housing and have to relocate will have the opportunity to note one student with or near whom they would like to live during this period. Please note that students who already live in Extended Housing buildings will not be able to request a voluntary relocation.

Graduate Center A will undergo an exciting renovation during the summer, and will therefore be offline to all residents-including graduating students--beginning on Saturday, May 18 at 12pm.

A full list of building designations during this period may be found below.

Building Spring 2024 Designation
111 BROWN STREET Extended Housing
219 BOWEN STREET Extended Housing
315 THAYER Extended Housing
ANDREWS HALL Extended Housing
ARCHIBALD BRONSON Commencement & Reunion
BARBOUR HALL Extended Housing
BUXTON HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
CASWELL HALL Extended Housing
CHAMPLIN HALL Commencement & Reunion
CHAPIN HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
CHEN FAMILY HALL Extended Housing
DANOFF HALL Extended Housing
DIMAN HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
EMERY HALL Extended Housing
EVERETT POLAND Commencement & Reunion
GODDARD HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
GRAD CENTER A Offline for Renovations
GRAD CENTER B Extended Housing
GRAD CENTER C Extended Housing
GRAD CENTER D Extended Housing
GREGORIAN QUAD A Commencement & Reunion
GREGORIAN QUAD B Commencement & Reunion
HARKNESS HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
HEGEMAN HALL Extended Housing
HOPE COLLEGE Commencement & Reunion
JAMESON MEAD Commencement & Reunion
KING HOUSE Extended Housing
MACHADO HOUSE Extended Housing
MARCY HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
METCALF HALL Extended Housing
MILLER HALL Extended Housing
MINDEN HALL Extended Housing
MORRISS HALL Commencement & Reunion
NEW PEMBROKE 1 Commencement & Reunion
NEW PEMBROKE 2 Commencement & Reunion
NEW PEMBROKE 3 Commencement & Reunion
NEW PEMBROKE 4 Commencement & Reunion
OLNEY HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
PERKINS HALL Extended Housing
SEARS HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
SLATER HALL Extended Housing
WAYLAND HOUSE Commencement & Reunion
WEST HOUSE Extended Housing
WOOLLEY HALL Extended Housing
YOUNG ORCHARD 10 Extended Housing
YOUNG ORCHARD 2 Extended Housing
YOUNG ORCHARD 4 Extended Housing

Departmental Requests

Departments intending to sponsor students during the extended housing period must complete this brief form and upload the Spring 2024 Extended Housing Dept Form to it no later than Monday, April 29 at 11:59pm.

The student Extended Housing Request form will go live April 3 with a priority deadline of May 1. The Office of Residential Life will cross reference their responses with the information provided by departments to ensure each student is accounted for and their departure date is accurately recorded. All students who need extended housing, including those being sponsored by departments, must fill out this form. 


The departmental cost of this housing is $40 per student through Spring 2024. Please note that beginning with FY25 Summer Session, Residential Life has established room rates for the winter and summer based on a daily rate of $45. This daily rate applies to extended stay and early arrival housing.

Sponsoring departments with questions about this process can email for assistance.

Meal coverage is coordinated through Dining Services, please contact to make and/or confirm arrangements.

The cost of extended housing is $45 per night per student.