Residential Life

Within 72 hours of moving into your room, you should submit a detailed and accurate record of the status of your room to Residential Life, using the Room Condition Report.

Make certain to report anything you find in your room that is damaged, broken or doesn't work so that it may be inspected and repaired - and so that you are not charged for damage that already existed when you moved into the room. You may not appeal charges for residence hall room damage if you do not submit a Room Condition Report at the beginning of occupancy.

Breakdown of Fees

The charge schedule below is provided as a reminder that, in the event of damage, missing furniture or excessive trash, Residential Life incurs specific costs to ready residence hall rooms for the next occupant.

Our goal in sharing this information is to encourage all residents to take care of their rooms, and to vacate rooms in good condition, to avoid being charged.

Room Damage Fee
Late Occupancy Fine $150.00/Person/Day
Trash Up to $100.00/Person
Wall Paint Up to $250.00/Wall
Door Paint Up to $75.00/Side
Ceiling Paint Up to $400.00/Room
Floor Up to $1000.00/Room
Windows Up to $500.00
Shades/Screens Up to $75.00 Each
Furniture Moving /Re-Assembling $100.00/Piece
Bed Frame Up to $150.00
Mattress Up to $150.00
Dresser Up to $300.00
Desk Up to $300.00
Chair Up to $150.00
Bookcase Up to $125.00
Trash Can Up to $10.00
Recycling Bin Up to $10.00
Drapes Up to $1000.00/Room
Floor Lamp Up to $100.00
Wardrobe Up to $500.00

Room Inspection Information

Residential Life maintains records concerning the status and condition of each room and its inventory. These records, along with end-of-occupancy inspections, provide the necessary information when billing students for damages.

All students are held accountable for the condition of their rooms, the exterior of their door, exterior room signage, and the corridor walls adjacent. It is imperative that you complete the Room Condition Report.

You will be held accountable at the end of the year for all of the deficiencies not noted on this form. Please take the time to make a detailed record of the status of your room and furnishings.