Residential Life

At the start of each semester there is a room freeze during the shopping period to allow for students arriving on campus to finalize their arrival plans.  During this time, only true emergency situations will result in a room change.  Following the Room Freeze, students will be able to apply for a room change.

Fall 2021 Semester Room Freeze until 9/23/2021 - Starting on 9/23/2021 students may apply to one of the below processes; these processes close on 10/6/2021 at 11:59 PM.

Spring 2022 Semester Room Freeze until 2/9/2022 - Starting on 2/9/2022 students may apply to one of the below processes; these processes close on 2/22/2022 at 11:59 PM.

During the semester, there are two different ways for which a student can request to change their room: The Room Change Request or the Vacancy Fill Request, which are described below.  To access these requests students may visit the Housing Portal

Room Change Requests:

The Room Change Request is a process for students who are looking to change their room. Prior to seeking a room change every student should meet with their Residential Peer Leader (RPC, MPC, WPC or CA) and/or Area Coordinator (AC) who may be able to provide assistance with a difficult room/suitemate experience. Students who meet with an RPL may be referred to their Area Coordinator for further assistance. The AC may also be able to recommend a swap between two students in the same area or know of available vacancies in the same area, if a room change is deemed necessary.

If a room change is recommended by the AC, the student will be able to provide preferences on locations and/or specific communities.  The AC will work with staff in the Office of Residential Life to determine options and connect students with the occupants of that space to meet and discuss the viability of their ability to live as roommates. 

This request process is subject to the availability of space, even if an AC recommends a room change. As a general disclaimer, there are incredibly limited spaces available in first year buildings regardless of room type for the Fall 2021 semester. There are also incredibly limited spaces in suites/apartments in returning student buildings.

Vacancy Fill Request:

The Vacancy Fill Request is a process for students with a vacant bed(s) in their room or suite/apartment to request a specific individual(s) to fill the vacant spaces.  All students involved are required to confirm the request is mutual before the request is processed.   Once a request has been confirmed as mutual among all members of the current space, the student being requested will be contacted and offered the space.  

Completing your Room Change:

Once a student receives written confirmation that their Room Change or Vacancy Fill Request has been approved, they will also receive instructions with details on their move.   

All students are required to move within 72 hours of picking up their new keys. After this time the student will be billed for a lock change for their old housing assignment.  

Students will pick up and drop off keys at the Residential Life Key Office located on the 3rd floor of Graduate Center E (42 Charlesfield Street, Providence, RI 02906) accessible via the Charlesfield Street ramp, the spiral staircase on Thayer Street, or the accessible first floor entrance on Thayer Street. This office is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Contact Residential Life with any questions regarding room changes.