Residential Life

At the start of each semester there is a room freeze during the shopping period to allow for students arriving on campus to finalize their arrival plans.  During this time, only true emergency situations will result in a room change.  Following the Room Freeze, students will be able to apply for a room change after meeting with their Community Coordinator or Area Coordinator.

Fall 2022 Semester Room Freeze until 9/21/2022 - Starting on 9/21/2022 students may connect with their Community Coordinator or Area Coordinator to review the room change process.  This process will be open until 11:59 PM on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - at which time the form will close and staff will review any pending requests for the Fall 2022 semester. 

Prior to seeking a room change every student should meet with their Community Coordinator (CC) and/or Area Coordinator (AC) who may be able to provide assistance with a difficult room/suitemate experience. Students who meet with a CC may be referred to their Area Coordinator for further assistance. The AC may also be able to recommend a swap between two students in the same area or know of available vacancies in the same area, if a room change is deemed necessary.

If a room change is recommended by the AC, the student will be given access to the Room Change Request Form on the Housing Portal.  There the student will be able to provide preferences on locations and/or specific communities. 

Assignments staff in the Office of Residential Life will review the requests and any available spaces to determine what if any options are available and provide them to the AC to share with the student.  Students will have the option to accept or decline the change.

This request process is subject to the availability of space, even if an AC recommends a room change.