Residential Life

Students who withdraw, take a leave of absence, or are suspended or expelled from the University must vacate their rooms within 24 hours after such withdrawal, suspension, leave, or expulsion becomes effective. 

A student suspended or expelled from the University or withdrawing when under investigation for academic or disciplinary misconduct is not entitled to any credit of room charges for the balance of the current semester. 

Students who maintain their Fall 2021 room assignment into the Spring 2022 semester, and who keep their personal items in their room between the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters, but do not return for the Spring 2022 semester will be charged the applicable room charge for the Spring 2022 semester. Prorated room credits may be given based on the student's Date of Withdrawal under the schedule contained in the Spring 2022 Housing Agreement.

Student seeking any further information regarding room charges and/or credits should contact Residential Life.

Proration Schedule

Students for whom on-campus housing has been reserved under the standard Dates of Occupancy are not entitled to prorated or altered room rates if they arrive after a term of occupancy has begun--i.e. late arrival. Students who need to withdraw from a term of occupancy once it has begun may be eligible for a partial room credit.  Prorated room credits, when applicable, will be made on the following schedule:


Spring 2022


Calendar References

Date of Withdrawal

% Room Credit

Prior to



Weeks 1 -2

1/26/2022 - 2/8/2022


Week 3

2/9/2022 - 2/15/2022


Week 4

2/16/2022 - 2/22/2022


Week 5

2/23/2022- 3/1/2022


Weeks 6 - 15 3/2/2022 - 5/21/2022 0%

The date used to calculate the prorated room credit (“Date of Withdrawal”) will be the date on which (i) the student has fully vacated their room, including removal of their person and all of their personal items, and (ii) the Office of Residential Life has received the student’s room key from the student. If the student has not moved into their room, stored any personal items in their room, nor received their key, the Date of Withdrawal will be calculated based on the date upon which the student has confirmed in writing via email that they are withdrawing from housing. Such confirmation must be sent by the student via their Brown University email address to Confirmation sent by anyone other than the student, including but not limited to their parents/guardians, is not valid. Confirmation sent to any other University address, office, or system is not valid.