Residential Life

Students withdrawing from the university are required to notify Residential Life directly and to return any brass key(s) in their possession before leaving campus.

A student suspended or dismissed from the University or withdrawing when under investigation for misconduct is not entitled to any refund of room charges for the balance of the current semester.

Student seeking any further information regarding room charges and/or refunds should contact Residential Life.

Proration Schedule

The Proration schedule for Academic Year 2020-2021 is listed below. Please note that the proration schedule varies for students who switched to on-campus status after Spring Opening.


SPRING 2021 


Calendar References

Date of Withdrawal

% Room Credit

Prior to



Week 1 

1/13/2021 - 1/27/2021


Week 2

1/28/2021 - 2/3/2021


Week 3

2/4/2021 - 2/10/2021


Weeks 4 - 15

2/11/2021 - 4/24/2021