Residential Life

Your Brown Card will be programmed to open the exterior doors on your assigned residence hall only. It will not open doors on other residence halls. Brown students receive a brass room key when they check in upon arrival on campus. Your brass key will open your room door; it will not open other bedroom doors.

Your Brown Card is an all-purpose card, used mainly for identification and to open secure doors on campus. Do not attach anything to your Brown Card, such as stickers or key chains. Attaching foreign objects to the physical card or punching holes in it will cause damage to the campus card readers (i.e., the swipe box).If you change rooms, your Brown Card will be reprogrammed for your new housing assignment, and you will turn in your old brass key and receive a new one.

More information about your Brown ID card and its uses is available on the Brown Card website.

Key Duplication

Any duplication of keys is prohibited. Students who illegally duplicate keys will be billed for a lock change and referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Roof Access

Access to building roofs is strictly prohibited. These restrictions are in the interest of safety due to the risk of injury or death should a fall occur.

Throwing things out of windows or off of roofs is strictly prohibited. This is very hazardous to unsuspecting passers-by. Any student caught throwing things from the windows will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Sabbath Door Access

There are Sabbath doors on some of the residence halls; students who indicate need are issued a brass key for Sabbath door access. This key must be returned at the same time the room key is returned. Contact the Residential Life Key Office (401-863-3502) for additional information.