Residential Life

Furniture and Decor

Suite common rooms and apartment living rooms have a combination of couches, chairs, and occasional tables. Common area furnishings are the property of the University, and should not be borrowed to enhance student rooms or off-campus apartments. Furniture taken from common areas is considered stolen University property, and students found in possession of it will be subject to disciplinary action. Penalties for this violation have been severe. Room searches (in accordance with the University policy on room entry) for stolen furniture are conducted when necessary.

Any fireplaces that exist in student rooms have been blocked off and do not work. Fireplaces in student rooms are not to be uncovered or used under any circumstances.

Each building has at least one large bulletin board. Fire prevention guidelines require all paper posters and notices to be behind the glass that encases the board. Because of the possible fire hazard posed, notices placed on corridor walls and room doors will be removed without advance notice.

The purpose for bulletin boards in the residence halls is for notices and publicity for recognized and authorized University organizations; no advertising for commercial interests is permitted. This applies equally to students who are vendors. Any infraction of this policy may result in disciplinary action. Size of notices and publicity cannot exceed 12 inches x 18 inches.

Features and Amenities

There are elevators in the following residence halls:

  • Andrews Hall
  • Emery Hall
  • Gregorian Quad A and B
  • Minden
  • Keeney Quad

Additionally, most buildings in Wriston have a chair lift.

For additional information about elevator guidelines, what Brown University does to ensure elevators are safe and what to do in an emergency, please refer to Brown University Health and Safety

Vending machines, located in several residence hall areas for the convenience of students, are managed by Brown University Dining Services.

If one of the machines is out of order or if you lose money, contact the University Dining Services office at 401-863-3343 (lower level of the Sharpe Refectory).

Bicycle and scooter storage rooms are available in most residence halls. Bikes and scooters should not be left in hallways, stairwells, entrance foyers, archways or any other public space of residence halls. Blocking these areas constitutes a serious fire hazard, and bikes and scooters may be confiscated and impounded. A fine will be incurred for the recovery of a bicycle/scooter.

To locate a bicycle/scooter storage room near your residence hall, see our list of Residence Hall Service Rooms.


Residence hall kitchens include a sink, refrigerator/freezer, and microwave; some kitchens also include an electric stovetop and oven. Refrigerator and freezer controls are set by the University and are not to be adjusted by residents. Please contact Facilities Management at 401-863-7800 if these controls need to be changed.

Please remember that these kitchens are for the use of all building residents. Common courtesy requires that each of us cleans up after ourselves in the kitchen. Besides, leaving dirty dishes or opened food may attract unwanted visitors (that means bugs and mice)!

For health and safety reasons, the kitchen cabinets or drawers may not be locked at any time. If you are concerned about securing your food and utensils, keep them in your room.

Fire Safety Rules for the Kitchen

  1. Never leave cooking unattended.
  2. Never put foil or metal in the microwave
  3. Turn the exhaust fan on when you start cooking, and off when you are done. Be certain stove and/or oven are OFF when you leave the room.
  4. Be extra careful when cooking with grease. Grease fires should be smothered by putting the lid on the pan - not by throwing water in the grease.
  5. Always take pizzas out of the box before putting in the oven to reheat. Do not put the box in the oven as it might burn.
  6. Remove food from wrappers before cooking.

Immediately report any fire safety equipment (e.g., extinguisher, exhaust fan) that is missing or is not functioning properly to Brown University EHS at 401-863-3462 or 401-863-3353.