Residential Life

Routine Cleaning

Brown Facilities Management custodial services conducts routine cleaning and maintenance of the residence hall common areas. This includes:

  • Trash and recycling removal
  • Cleaning of the common areas (i.e., hallways, lounges, kitchens, stairs)
  • Cleaning of the common bathrooms (i.e., cleaning, disinfecting, and toilet paper provision)

Custodial Services will not enter nor clean students' rooms, suites, or apartments. Students living on campus are responsible for cleaning all areas inside their suite/apartment, including bathrooms, kitchens and/or living rooms inside the suite/apartment

If It's Broken...

You can submit an online service request call Facilities Management Service Response 401-863-7800. This phone line is staffed 24-hours a day. Your repair request will be placed on the schedule. Please recognize that some repairs require immediate response; others do not. If you call, be sure to write down the service order number you are given – this is important if you need to follow up on the problem again later.

Contact Service Response for issues such as:

  • Water leaks
  • Plumbing malfunction (e.g., clogged toilet)
  • Electrical problems - hallway lights out, light fixture hanging from ceiling Broken windows and window shades
  • Problems with doors - won't close, won't open, doesn't lock, etc.
  • Pest control - bugs, mice
  • Hazardous conditions in hallways, stairs, bathrooms, etc. - torn carpet, loose tiles, loose stair treads, broken or dislodged ceiling tiles, etc.
  • Paint failure - peeling, falling, bubbling, etc.
  • Heat - lack of or insufficient. The heat is turned on centrally around the middle of October and turned off approximately mid-April

When you contact Service Response you will be asked for your name, phone number, location, and a description of the problem. Providing a good description of the problem and its location will help expedite the repair.

Repair Procedure

The repair request will be assigned to a tradesperson. When this person arrives at your room, they will announce themselves by knocking and saying "Facilities Management." If there is no response, the person will knock again before entering the room. All Facilities Management employees are required to wear uniforms and carry a Brown ID card.

If the room is unoccupied when the Facilities Management employee leaves, they will leave behind a Courtesy Card. The courtesy card will inform you of the status of your request.

Upon completion of your Service Order, you will receive a completion report by email, on which you may provide an evaluation of the work performed. You may also call 401-863-7800 to provide feedback.

Pest Control

In the event of pests in your residence hall or room, as soon as possible contact Facilities Management Service Response (401-863-7800). The Service Response phone line is staffed 24-hours a day.

Making Alterations

Changes to the residence hall interior or exterior may not be made without formal approval from Residential Life – this includes projects such as interior or exterior painting, and construction of outdoor furniture. Students may not paint residence hall rooms or common areas, whether with solid paint or artwork. Any painting done in University buildings must be performed by Facilities Management or a University contractor. Repainting required as a result of student painting will generate dorm damage charges to the student(s).

Request Repairs

If you feel your ceiling or walls are in poor condition, you should place a request for repair by calling Service and Repair at 401-863-7800. Color preference is not a legitimate reason for repainting.