Residential Life

Process Overview

Rising seniors who intend to live on campus in fall 2024 will submit an on-campus housing application during the fall 2023 semester. By having seniors declare their housing intentions earlier, all students and the ResLife team will be better able to plan for the year ahead.

If rising seniors submit an on-campus application in the fall and later decide to live off campus, they will be able to cancel their application/placement without penalty through January 31, 2024. If they cancel after this date, a tiered cancellation fee will be assessed (below). This fee is designed to incentivize seniors to make earlier decisions so that rising juniors and rising sophomores will have more – and more accurate – housing to choose from during their spring selection process. If seniors are still unsure about their housing intentions in January, they should cancel their hold by January 31 to avoid incurring fees. Should seniors decide to participate in the various spring selection processes, they should release their assignment by January 31 to be eligible to participate. The fee will not apply to seniors who will be studying abroad/away on Brown-approved programs or on leave in fall 2024.

The fee for rising seniors who cancel their on-campus housing placement is as follows: 

  • Cancel by January 31, 2024 – no fee
  • Cancel between February 1 - April 30, 2024 – 50% of the fall room rate
  • Cancel on or after May 1, 2024 – 100% of the fall room rate

This fee is designed to buttress ResLife’s goal to support students in securing appropriate housing within a timeframe that allows the University to best serve ALL students. 

Rising seniors who wish to live in a single or with other rising seniors will have the opportunity to make a housing selection in the fall. Rising seniors who have submitted on-campus applications and wish to participate in Greek, program, or theme communities, special interest housing, or general housing selection with rising sophomores or juniors will be eligible to do so during those processes.

Rising seniors who have no plans to live on campus, and instead intend to live off campus, should not complete an on-campus housing application. If a rising senior does not submit an on-campus application, they will be considered an off-campus resident for the next academic year. After the on-campus application has closed, the Office of Residential Life will reach out to rising seniors who have not applied for on-campus housing to share information regarding off-campus living, including resources that support the off-campus student experience and registering an off-campus/local address.

Important Dates for Senior Selection

  • November 1 - Senior Selection Application Launch
  • November 28 - Senior Selection Application Close
  • December 7 - Senior Selection Day

Senior Selection Resources

Staff will be hosting an information session for students with last minute questions regarding the Senior Housing Selection on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 from 4 - 5:00 PM on the 1st floor of Grad Center E.

Seniors with completed housing applications who indicated they would Select Housing with Seniors or individually who are selecting housing on Thursday, December 7th are welcome to visit our office on the 1st floor of Grad Center E for assistance throughout the entire room selection timeframe (9am-5pm). We will have staff present and available if you have any questions at all during your selection.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A fall selection process for rising seniors will enable both students and the ResLife team to better plan for the year ahead and increase the accuracy of occupancy projections, allowing for an earlier confirmation of an off-campus lottery for rising juniors.

Rising seniors will have the ability to select from a wide range of room types and building locations that are not associated with other selection processes like Greek, Program, and Theme (GPT) housing, special interests, or spaces already identified for students with accommodations.

Rising seniors interested in living on campus for the 2024-2025 academic year should submit their housing application by the posted deadline. Those students who would prefer to live with students from another class year will have the opportunity to participate in the spring selection processes, as the application is confirmation of intention to live on campus.

Rising seniors who apply by the posted deadline have until January 31, 2024 to cancel their housing application without penalty. Beginning February 1, 2024 a cancellation penalty will apply to any canceled application. Click here to see the fee structure for cancellations.

Should seniors decide to participate in the various spring selection processes after selecting housing in the fall, they should release their assignment by January 31 to be eligible to participate.

If students miss the posted deadline, they may still apply for housing but will be placed in the late assignment process which occurs after the general selection process has concluded.

Cancellations from rising seniors must be submitted on the housing portal. Students should consider the cancellation deadlines and associated fees in their decision-making process.

Students who feel they have been incorrectly assessed a cancellation fee may complete the Cancellation Fee Petition Form and submit appropriate documentation to support their request. The form will be available in spring 2024.

Process Flowchart

Senior Process Flowchart