Residential Life

Same-Sex Housing

For logistical purposes, including bathroom configuration, certain rooms and suites will be assigned a gender. The majority of these rooms will be assigned outside of the Lottery process. The application to request gender-specific housing will be sent via email at the beginning of Spring Semester.

Substance-Free Housing

This housing request comes from students who are committed to a substance free lifestyle. Residents in substance free housing agree that they and their guests will not consume alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol or other substances while in the residence hall. In addition, they agree to abide by the University's non-smoking policy, the University's prohibition against illegal drug use, and the University's policy which requires only medically prescribed use of prescription drugs.

The substance-free residence is a special-interest residence hall that includes programs which promote a substance-free environment. Residents are included in program planning in order to ensure that the substance free housing mission is fulfilled. Ability to remain in substance free housing is predicated upon student observance of the substance free housing contract.

Quiet Hall

Quiet Hall is a friendly place which seeks to maintain an environment conducive to sleep and study 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This hall is by no means an anti-social environment; it is simply one in which its residents are more considerate to and respectful of the desires of their hallmates to stick to their own sleep, work, and study schedules. Residents also have traditionally taken pride in maintaining a cleaner and more orderly living environment than the average hall. Quiet Hall has two simple rules:

  1. Excessive noise is not permitted. Those who wish to listen to music or televisions do so with their doors closed and at low volumes. Conversations are spoken (not screamed or yelled!).
  2. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests are expected to maintain the same standards of quiet as residents.