Residential Life

Residence Halls

Learn about first-year, sophomore and junior/senior housing, room types, Gender Inclusive First-Year Housing, Greek & Program Houses and Special Interest Housing.

Please note that building class year designations do change from year-to-year as class sizes and space requirements change.

Housing Options By Year

First-year housing offers a variety of settings and room sizes, with an assortment of features unique to individual buildings.
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Residency Requirement

Brown provides a residential learning environment that supports students' academic endeavors and fosters students' personal development. In order to benefit fully from Brown's exceptional learning environment, undergraduates are required to live in on-campus housing through semester 6.

Exceptions to Brown’s residential policy are granted in 12-month increments to Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) students, married students living with their spouse locally, and students living with their parent/s or guardian/s locally. Undergraduate students who fall into these categories must register each academic year with the Office of Residential Life and petition to live off campus.