Residential Life

To ensure compliance with Residential Life policies, professional staff members will conduct periodic inspections of dormitory rooms and suites, which are necessary to guarantee safe living conditions. These inspections are designed to seek out and correct potentially dangerous situations before they cause damage or harm. All inspections are conducted under the guidelines as described in Student Rights and Responsibilities

Prior Notification

Residents will be notified that inspectors may be checking their room via email. The inspections are conducted at reasonable times, typically between 12pm-10pm on the designated day(s). Residents are not required to be present at the time of inspection.

The procedures followed by inspectors are intended to cause minimal inconvenience to students, while allowing the inspectors to do their jobs effectively. Inspectors are courteous and reasonable, and students are expected to treat inspectors in a similar manner.

Inspection Process

The Health and Safety Inspection is a visual process -- no drawers, trunks, fridges, or closets are opened. The inspectors look for such hazards as hanging canopies, torchière style halogen lamps, halogen desk lamps, toaster ovens, multiple wall plugs, and candles. Should a concern be found, the inspectors will discuss with you the reason why a situation is unsafe and in conflict with the housing policies. Items that are judged to constitute an immediate hazard (e.g., gasoline, halogen torchière lamps) will be confiscated at the time of the inspection.

Post-search Notification

At the conclusion of the inspection, students will be notified through email on whether their space passed or failed the inspection. In the case of failure, any violations and confiscations that occurred will be noted. The resident will then have 48 hours to correct any errors, and can expect for professional staff to revisit the space to ensure compliance.


Students can face fines for violations of health and safety rules. New students receive multiple communications about what to bring and what not to bring when they move to campus; continuing students are reminded of health and fire safety rules and restrictions. We take fire safety very seriously. If candles are found, students will be charged a fine of $100. Evidence of smoking within the residence hall will result in a $100 fine and tampering with any fire equipment within a residence hall will result in a $300 fine.

The University reserves the right to enter residence hall rooms without the consent of the occupant in order to provide for the general well being and protection of the community, its members and property.