Residential Life

Residential Life at Brown

The residential experience at Brown reflects the vibrant, diverse community you'll find at the University. All first-year students — and 74 percent of all undergraduates — live on campus.

The Residential Experience

We know that learning happens in a developmental way. We structure our residential experience to meet students in those developmental moments. Our students are assigned housing based on class year. Our first year experience is a foundational piece for the learning and community conversations students will have in the sophomore, junior and senior years on campus.

Not only does our curriculum for the residential experience flow from year to year, but also semester to semester. Our approach is interwoven between months and semesters to allow for a seamless transition between years and between residential communities.

Learn about first-year housing, the Housing Lottery, squatting, the Summer Assignment Process and Winter Recess housing.
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Being assigned a room in one of our residence halls is not the end of a student’s journey with Residential Life, it is the beginning.
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Undergraduate students must receive permission from the Office of Residential Life to live outside the residence halls through the off campus application.
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A Self-Governance Model

At Brown’s core is the idea that students are the authors of their experience inside and outside of the classroom.  The foundation of our residential experience is built on self-governance.  Students are empowered and expected to create and maintain safe, healthy and respectful communities.  Individuals should not make decisions or engage in behaviors that will or have the possibility of negatively impacting another student’s experience.  At Brown, we understand that our individual needs are balanced in a context of community responsibility.