Residential Life

Living Independently

Discover tools and resources to make your move off-campus smooth and positive: from finding housing to budgeting, to understanding your lease and paying your utilities, and more.

Welcome to the BLOC!

Extending Brown University’s value of “supporting one another” beyond campus borders, the BLOC (Brunonians Living Off Campus) program helps students unlock the best of living in Providence.

  • Thanks to all who joined us for our first BLOC events - the Rising Senior & RUE Roommate Mixer in November, our first Lunch and Learn in December, and the BLOC Game Night at Grad Center Bar, also in December. 
  • We also took our first spin around the BLOC in December, and enjoyed meeting many of you while sharing safety tips for winter break and handing out BLOC goodies. 
  • Stay tuned for more Spring events for off-campus Brunonians!

Thinking of living off campus next year, or living off campus now? Take a quick look at what you can expect to learn through the BLOC, then explore resources on important off campus living topics below: 

Financial Considerations

All the amenities that came with your on-campus housing will now become your responsibility to manage. Can you afford to live alone or do you need a roommate to cover your expenses? Are utilities included in your monthly rent - water, electric, gas, trash?  What if they aren't? What other expenses do you need to consider? Consider using this budget template to determine if living off-campus is right for you. 

Roommate Groups

Spend time with your potential roommate(s) discussing what it means to live together.  Not sure how to start the conversation? Refer to the roommate agreement used by on-campus students to negotiate their living space. 

Ideal Apartment

The right apartment is as important as the right roommate. Be sure to explore all your options, including knowing what your deal breakers are - the things you can't live with or those things you can't live without. Consider using this checklist as you visit your housing options (in-person or online). Whenever possible, visit the space before signing the lease.