Residential Life

Off-Campus Rules and Regulations

Living off campus is a privilege which carries with it important responsibilities.

As a Brown student living in an established neighborhood, you represent the University. Your actions and conduct will have an immediate impact on your neighbors and will reflect back upon Brown.

Undergraduates have lived off campus for many years and our neighbors have usually enjoyed a positive relationship with students. The neighborhoods around Brown have established lifestyles with expectations of reasonable quiet in the evening hours, property maintenance and trash pickup, and general consideration of others.

Representing Brown in Your Neighborhood

Students are usually temporary members of a neighborhood, but the quality of life for all residents of a neighborhood can be greatly influenced by the style of living and sense of citizenship exercised by student residents. When students take their neighbors seriously and regard them with respect, the neighborhood becomes a more pleasant place to live for everyone.

Every year we get complaints about the behavior of Brown students in neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Some Brown students have received fines from the Providence police and judicial sanctioning at Brown for hosting loud parties. Please see below the list of city ordinances. Keep in mind your obligations as residents of Providence and understand that Brown University, the Department of Public Safety, and the Providence Police Department will all take action if you violate the city ordinances explained below. You can face disciplinary action at the University and legal action from the city if you do not regulate your behavior and the behavior of friends visiting you at your residence.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Noise: The City of Providence has a noise ordinance. This noise ordinance stipulates that noise must be greatly reduced between the hours of 8:00 PM to 7:00 AM. The Providence Police and Brown University Police enforce the law and will respond to complaints from your neighbors. Providence Police will issue noise citations to individuals who create disturbances. Families living in the neighborhoods around our campus have a right to enjoy a reasonable level of peace and quiet, including nights and weekends.

  2. Trash: As a tenant you are responsible for putting out your trash. Oftentimes trash is put out over the weekend causing an unnecessary eyesore and nuisance. The city trash ordinance stipulates that trash cannot be put out before dusk on the day preceding pickup. Violations of the city trash ordinance are punishable by a fine. Be sure to secure your trash so that it doesn’t blow away. Please remove trash containers from the street the same day as your pickup and as soon after the pickup as possible. For most students living adjacent to campus, trash pickup day is Monday.

  3. Recycling: Your landlord must provide each apartment unit with one blue bin for recycling materials. Your participation in recycling both on and off campus is extremely important. Please be sure to secure your recyclables when you place them at the curb.

  4. Parties: Neighbors on the East Side expect some social activity from students. What they are “against” is late night rowdiness, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and large groups of people partying outside with loud amplified music late into the night.

  5. Registering your off campus address: The University must have up to date contact information available on file. Please ensure that your student contact information is up to date with the University. Failure to do so will block your Spring Registration Process and may result in a meeting with Student Conduct.

  6. Occupancy: Per the City of Providence Zoning Ordinance, “[i]n the R-1A and R-1 districts, a single-family dwelling, that is non-owner occupied, shall not be occupied by more than three college students.”

Off-campus parties may be popular, but party hosts are putting themselves in jeopardy when they or their guests act irresponsibly. You assume all the risks associated with state and city laws regulating consumption of alcohol, noise ordinances, and public safety when you sponsor a party at your off-campus apartment. As a Brown University student, you may also be subject to the University’s disciplinary system if a serious incident occurs off campus.

Standards of Student Conduct

Please remember that the principles of the Brown University Community and the Standards of Student Conduct apply to students in their off-campus lives. Complaints from our neighbors will result in a Providence Police and/or Brown Police response as well as consideration of University disciplinary action.

Please take the responsibility of representing Brown in the community as a serious one. We hope living off campus this year continues to be a pleasant experience for both you and your neighbors.

City of Providence Move-in/Move-out Guide

In another effort in education (especially student rentals), the City of Providence has created a “Move-in/Move-out” guide that provides detailed information for donation, recycling and disposal options for common items.