Residential Life

Living Off Campus

Undergraduate students must receive permission from the Office of Residential Life to live outside the residence halls through the off campus application.

Because the University believes that the residential experience is integral to undergraduate students' academic, social, intellectual, and personal growth and success, the University requires that students live in on-campus housing for six semesters.

Exceptions are granted in 12-month increments to Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) students, married students living with their spouse locally, and commuting students living with their parent(s) locally within 30 miles of campus.

Off-Campus Approval

It is imperative that students not sign a lease to live off campus until they receive written notification from the Office of Residential Life indicating their off-campus approval.

Due to the unusual demands of this academic year and the uncertainty about future semesters, we have not yet been able to open housing processes for the 2022-2023 academic year. This includes the off-campus registration for rising senior. More information to come.

Until approved for off-campus permission, the University will hold each student to the six-semester residency requirement and conditions of the on-campus Housing Agreement. Students who sign a lease without receiving off-campus permission will be responsible for paying for both on-campus housing and off-campus rent, as off-campus landlords will hold them to the conditions of the lease they signed. Additionally, students will be unable to sign a lease for properties owned and operated by Brown University Auxiliary Housing without off-campus permission.

Non-Resident Fee

The Residential Life budget primarily supports the residential facilities and program, and also provides operating budget support for direct resources and services to students, provided through the division of Campus Life, that are available to all students.  Students who live within the residence halls pay for these services as part of their on-campus housing fee. Students who live outside of the residence halls pay a non-resident fee to help support those resources and services. The non-resident fee can be found on the Bursar's Office Tuition and Fee Schedule

Services and resources falling within the Division of Campus Life--except those which are explicitly covered by a separate fee (e.g. Health Services and CAPS via the Health Services Fee)--are provided for by the non-resident fee and a portion of the on-campus housing fee. The "Division of Campus Life" hyperlink includes all of the offices within the division, the majority of whose services are covered by this fee. 


Cancelling Off-Campus Permission

If a student receives permission to reside off campus, the permission is granted until a student graduates from the University or takes a leave of absence. If a student wishes to return to on-campus housing and enter the Housing Lottery, they must notify the Office of Residential Life prior to Super Deadline Day by filling out the off-campus cancellation page in the Non-Resident Intent Form.

Off-Campus Cancellation Form

Get information about both Brown- and local landlord-owned properties available to students seeking off-campus housing.
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