Residential Life

Location of Study

  • Live off-campus in the Providence area: If you live off-campus in the Providence area, you will secure your own private lease and will have access to both online and on-campus resources and facilities besides those offered by the Office of Residential Life. A meal plan is available, but optional.
  • Live and study remotely outside of the Providence area: If you choose to study remotely outside the Providence area, you will only have access to online resources and facilities. You will not have access to on-campus resources and facilities and may not come to campus or interact in person with members of the Brown community. You will not be allowed to live within 30 miles of Providence.
  • Accept commuter status: If your permanent address is within 30 miles of Providence, you can accept commuter status to reside at your permanent address and have access to both online and on-campus resources and facilities besides those offered by the Office of Residential Life. A meal plan is available, but optional. Commuter students are included in the routine, asymptomatic COVID-19 testing protocol. 
  • Live on-campus in Brown-owned or Brown-leased housing: If you live and study in Providence as an on-campus resident, you will be assigned to housing by the Office of Residential Life and you will have access to both online and on-campus resources and facilities. First and second year students -- unless living with their family at their permanent address -- are required to live on-campus in Brown-owned or Brown-leased housing if they are studying in the Providence area. 

Only students enrolled in the Summer 2021 semester will fill out the Summer 2021 Location of Study form. Non-enrolled students will not fill out this form.

Your form will display the options that are available to you based on factors such as your semester level, current Spring 2021 location of study, or permanent address.

The Location of Study form will be open until 8am EDT on Monday, March 22, 2021.

However, we recognize that your circumstances may change after the deadline, and you may need to alter your plans for the summer semester. If you need to change your location of study to remote or commuter (depending on whether your permanent address is within 30 miles of campus), or to off-campus in the Providence area (if you have off-campus permission) please contact [email protected] so our team can assist you with this change and update your summer housing charges.

Finally, if you change your location of study to remote, off-campus, or commuter, you will not be able to change back to an on-campus location of study for the Summer 2021 term.

Students who choose to live and study remotely outside of the Providence area will not be enrolled in Brown’s COVID-19 testing program and therefore are not permitted to visit campus or interact in person with other members of the Brown community; doing so is considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. 

Students on leave from Brown should follow the guidelines in effect for visitors to campus. Visiting campus when visitors are not permitted on campus due to public health considerations could be considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. We are being especially strict to ensure that all members of the Brown community adhere to public health requirements.

Yes, please refer to the Bursar website to see the fees charged to students depending on their location of study.

Off-Campus Permission

No, sophomores and first year students are not granted off-campus permission; there will be no exceptions and no appeal to this policy.

Students living off campus are required to provide their local address and telephone number during the academic year. Sign into Banner Self-Service to enter your off campus address. Instructions here.

The Residential Life budget primarily supports the residential facilities and program, and also provides operating budget support for direct resources and services to students, provided through the division of Campus Life, that are available to all students.  Students who live within the residence halls pay for these services as part of their on-campus housing fee. Students who live outside of the residence halls pay a non-resident fee to help support those resources and services. The non-resident fee can be found on the Bursar's Office Tuition and Fee Schedule

Services and resources falling within the Division of Campus Life--except those which are explicitly covered by a separate fee (e.g. Health Services and CAPS via the Health Services Fee)--are provided for by the non-resident fee and a portion of the on-campus housing fee. The "Division of Campus Life" hyperlink includes all of the offices within the division, the majority of whose services are covered by this fee. 

Since the transition to remote learning, staff within these offices have worked diligently to make their services available remotely to students to the greatest extent possible. For this reason, commuters and off-campus students will be charged the non-resident fee.

Summer 2021 Move-in

Summer 2021 move-in will take place between May 9 and 11, 2021. When students receive their housing assignments they can select their own date and time of arrival on one of these dates from the available time slots.

No more than two people can accompany a student to campus. Those people accompanying students to campus will be expected to wear masks at all times on campus and limit their time in the residence halls to dropping off belongings.

However, we recognize that many students have younger siblings who will be traveling with them and their parents to campus. This is allowed, but only two people max can accompany the student into the residence hall. For example, one parent may stay with the younger sibling outside while the other parent helps the student move in.

Students should make every effort to arrive on the designated arrival dates. Students who cannot make alternative arrangements to arrive on the designated dates may email [email protected]

Any students approved to arrive outside of quiet period assigned times will be expected to quarantine in accordance with Brown University and Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) guidelines. This quarantine requirement will impact students' ability to engage in in-person campus activities. Specific quarantine parameters will be assigned on an individual student basis in consultation with University Health Services.

Please note that early arrival housing costs $38 per day. These charges will be added to the student's account within 3 business days if they are approved for early arrival housing. Please note that late arrival will not result in an altered or reduced on-campus housing charge. 

Housing Assignments

The Office of Residential Life will strive to maintain first-year students’ spring residential assignments for summer term, and we anticipate that this will be the case for most first-year students. If reassignment is necessary, Residential Life will attempt to maintain established neighbor groups. Students who originally had an on-campus location of study for Spring 2021, but have since changed their location of study and thus no longer live on-campus, will receive a new housing assignment for Summer 2021 as their original spring assignment is no longer reserved for them.


There will be very limited opportunities for students currently on campus to request a different housing assignment. If students wish to change their room, they should email [email protected] to request a room change prior to Monday, March 29. After this date, students who are not required to change spaces will not be eligible for a room change until after the conclusion of the Summer 2021 Quiet Period.

List of furnishings:

  • Bed frame
  • Bookcase (in most, but not all rooms)
  • Bureau
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Mattress (36" x 80" - twin extra long)
  • One recycling bin per room or suite
  • One trash can per resident

Additionally, each student living in a dorm room that does not have an en suite kitchen will receive a microwave and microfridge unit in their dorm room

No. Students may not remove any University-provided furnishing from their room. This includes additional furniture sets in single occupancy rooms that are typically doubles or triples. 

Room square footage is typically available via the Brown University floorplans (Brown credentials required). Dimensions are not available online and cannot be provided on demand.

While the Office of Residential Life will endeavor, to the extent possible, to maintain students’ spring residential assignments for summer term, most residences that currently house non first-year students will not house undergraduates in the summer due to reduced occupancy or the end of the lease for Brown-leased off-campus properties. Students currently assigned to the following residences should anticipate a different summer assignment: 111 Brown Street, 230 Thayer, 257 Thayer, 95 Lofts, Chapin, Chestnut Commons, Diman, Goddard, Graduate Center A, Graduate Center B, Graduate Center C, Harkness, King House Marcy, Olney, Omni hotel, Sears, and West House. 


Brown-Leased Off-Campus Properties

To supplement our supply of on-campus housing, Residential Life will be assigning some students (primarily seniors) to leased off-campus apartments located near Brown shuttle routes in Providence. These apartment spaces will be assigned and billed as if they are on campus housing, but may have additional policies set by the private property managers.

The vast majority of leases at these properties end during the summer 2021 semester. As a result, students currently assigned to these spaces for the spring semester should anticipate a new assignment for the summer. Incoming summer students should not anticipate being assigned to an off-campus leased property for the summer semester.