Residential Life

Off-Campus Housing Application Process

Students must receive written permission from Residential Life via email before signing a lease to live off campus.

Applying For Off-Campus Permission

Undergraduates who study away for a semester or year in a Brown approved study program, for which academic credit is given, will receive on-campus residency credit equal to the number of semesters of tuition credit awarded. Please note that students are required to live on-campus for six (6) semesters in most cases.

Undergraduates who have taken a leave of absence for any reason other than a Brown approved study program will not receive on-campus residency credit. The University reserves the right to deny an application for off-campus permission to a student who has a record of a violation of the Student Disciplinary Code or other University Rules and Regulations.

Receiving Off-Campus Permission

The formal acceptance of off-campus permission on the part of the student is final and binding for the next full academic year. All students living off campus are required to pay the non-resident fee.


In a typical year, all students who take a leave of absence or study abroad for the Fall semester after receiving off-campus permission will have that permission cancelled. Students who re-enroll for Spring will be required to reside on-campus upon their return to Brown.

Commuting Students

Students living at their permanent address (within a 30-mile or 30- minute radius) who choose to commute to the University do not require off-campus permission. All commuting students are required to register with Residential Life and to pay the non-resident fee.

Married Students

Any undergraduate who will be living with their spouse in the Providence area must register with Residential Life. All married students are also required to pay the non-resident fee.

Resumed Undergraduate Students

RUE students are exempt from the residency requirement, but are required to communicate with Residential Life on an annual basis about their housing intentions.