Residential Life

Learn about your housing options if you are currently on leave or planning to go on leave or study abroad next year

If you are...

...Currently Abroad or Taking a Leave of Absence

Students currently on leave or abroad must be approved to return for the Fall semester no later than Super Deadline Day (Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT) in order to participate in the general Housing Selection process.

Students who wish to participate in Pre-Selection Processes (including: Special Interest, Brown-RISD Dual Degree (BRDD) Community, Wellness Residential Experience at Sternlicht Commons, and Non-Resident Intent) must be approved to return for the Fall semester no later than January 26, 2022.

Students without a projected readmit date will be ineligible to participate in the lottery. If the student's status changes after the lottery, they will need to go through the late assignment process to be assigned housing over the summer.

...Going Abroad or Taking a Leave Beginning in the Fall

If you are leaving Brown for either the Fall semester or for the entire academic year, you are not eligible to select a room in the Pre Selection nor Selection processes.

...Returning to Brown in the Spring Semester

Unless plans were made in advance, you will be assigned to a room by the Office of Residential Life through the mid-year assignment process. If you believe you know of a bed in a suite that will open that semester, you should have the other members of the suite submit a Vacancy Fill Form, requesting you as their new roommate/suitemate. To guarantee approval of the request, the form must be submitted by the stated deadline (TBD in the Fall semester). Vacancy Pull-in Forms received after this date will still be considered. However, no guarantee can be made regarding approval as the requested space may have already been assigned during the assignment process.

Otherwise, the mid-year assignment process is the only method of receiving housing for the second semester; it is not possible to select a room in the Lottery for second semester only. You will need to submit a housing preference form by the stated deadline to guarantee housing upon your return in the Spring.