Residential Life

Fall 2020 Opening

Housing information for Fall 2020

President Paxson recently announced Brown University's plans for the Fall 2020 semester. Read full announcement here. For general information about the University's reopening and Fall 2020 plans, refer to the University Healthy Brown site.

Fall 2020 Opening

The Office of Residential Life prioritizes student safety, student wellbeing, and building a sense of belonging to an inclusive community. On campus housing for undergraduate students in Fall 2020 will be characterized by reduced density, single-occupancy rooms, enhanced cleaning protocols, and occupancy limits for restrooms and common spaces. Residential Peer Leaders (RPLs) will help support students in understanding and applying public health principles that promote individual responsibility and rigorous collective accountability. 

Approximately half of our available residential capacity will be in use in the fall semester. To supplement our supply of on campus housing, the University will be assigning some students (primarily seniors) to leased off campus apartments located near Brown shuttle routes in Providence. These units will be assigned and billed as if they are on campus housing, but may have additional policies set by the private property managers. 

The reduced occupancy and setting aside of some residences for isolation (for students who contract the virus) and quarantine (for students who have been exposed) means that most previously communicated housing assignments need to change. New assignments will meet students’ approved housing accommodations if applicable. 

Each and every member of our community will be expected to take responsibility for their own health and the health of others through scrupulous attention to evidence-based public health practices. All students will be required to sign an attestation that they will follow required public health practices, and that they understand that disregard of public health practices is a conduct violation that could result in removal from campus.

Our plans for on campus housing are based on the best current available data and public health recommendations. We may need to make mid-course changes or adjustments in response to updated public health guidance. 

Fall 2020 housing assignments are for one semester only; students may have a different housing assignment in spring in order to accommodate new students arriving on campus for spring semester. Students need to be prepared to vacate their residence room completely at the end of fall semester.