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Residential Experience Staff @ Brown

Who’s Who in the Residence Halls

The Office of Residential Life at Brown is committed to providing an enhanced residential experience to all students throughout their time in residence at the University. We achieve this with the help of various student staff positions that are part of the Residential Peer Leader (RPL) program who live within our residential communities and work to support students in each year of their undergraduate experience.

Residential Peer Leaders are student staff members employed by Residential Life who serve as live-in mentors and counselors to their residential communities; RPLs offer residential programming, respond to student concerns and crises, and assist in the administrative oversight of the residence halls they live in. This work is overseen by a group of professional staff members in the Office of Residential Life, the Community Directors (CDs). Currently, there are six staff positions operating within our residence halls: Residential Counselors (RCs), Women Peer Counselors (WPCs), Minority Peer Counselors (MPCs), Community Assistants (CAs), RPL Representatives (RPL Reps), and Community Directors (CDs).

Residential Counselors (RCs)

RCs are generalists who are trained to support first-year students in transitioning into Brown. RCs also receive comprehensive training on a range of skills, which include: active listening, crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, promoting pluralism and diversity, and building community.

Women Peer Counselors (WPCs)

WPCs have specialized training and a programming focus for first-year students on topics such as sexism, gender issues, contraception and safer sex, eating concerns, sexuality, relationships, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Minority Peer Counselors (MPCs)

MPCs serve as resources to all first-year students. In addition to their Residential Peer Leader training, MPCs receive comprehensive training on facilitating dialogue and raising awareness of race and its intersections with class, gender, sexuality, religious identity, and other social identities. MPCs host campus wide workshops in collaboration with the Third World Center.

Community Assistants (CAs)

CAs work to support students in our sophomore and junior/senior residential communities. CAs receive specific training on issues facing upperclass students and develop programming for their specific class year areas. CAs in sophomore residential communities will offer programming that supports departmental goals related to academic development, identity exploration, and leadership development. CAs in junior/senior residential communities will offer programming that helps students develop independent living skills, prepare for life after Brown, and begin to create a professional network.

RPL Representatives (Reps)

RPL Reps are veteran RPLs who provide guidance to RPLs in their respective positions by holding regular group meetings and organizing training opportunities. RPL Reps also work closely with the Office of Residential Life to provide input on the future direction of the RPL program and on new Residential Life initiatives.

Community Directors (CDs)

Community Directors (CDs) are professional staff members in the Office of Residential Life who oversee the work of the RPLs. CDs are live-in professionals with Master’s degrees in Higher Education Administration who each supervise a residential region of Brown’s campus and the RPLs in that region; CDs meet regularly with their RPLs as a regional group and as individuals to provide guidance, review performance and provide updates from Residential Life and other campus partners.  In addition, CDs support the work of the Office of Residential Life and the Residential Experience through overseeing departmental committees and coordinating yearly processes in the office.