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Residential Peer Leader

Residential Peer Leader (RPL) is an umbrella term that encompasses our educational focused communities:

RPLs receive comprehensive training on a range of skills, which include: active listening, crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, promoting pluralism and diversity, and building community. In addition to support of your residential community RPLs are charged with creating educational opportunities amongst their region.


What do they do:

First-Year Area RPLs


Residential Counselors (RPCs):

RPCs supports departmental goals related to topics including but not limited to first generation students, academic and curricular support, and first year college transitions.

Women Peer Counselors (WPCs):

WPCs supports departmental goals related to topics including, but not limited to sexism, gender issues, contraception and safer sex, eating concerns, sexuality, relationships, assertiveness, sexual harassment and assault, and other matters impacting women on Brown’s campus.

Minority Peer Counselors (MPCs):

MPCs support matters related to the student of color experience on topics including, but not limited to facilitation of campus-wide workshops on race and its intersections with class, gender, sexuality, and other social identities. This position is supervised by the Brown Center for Students of Color and the Office of Residential Life.


Upperclass RPLS


Community Advisors (CAs):

CAs work to support students in our sophomore and junior/senior residential communities.

Sophomore Community Advisor (CA):

CAs in sophomore residential communities supports departmental goals related to academic development, identity exploration, and leadership development.

Junior/Senior Community Advisor (CA):

CAs in junior/senior residential communities supports departmental goals related to helping students develop independent living skills, prepare for life after Brown, and begin to create a professional network.


All RPLs work together as regional teams to  provide support network and to promote a comprehensive residential experience for all students.