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Perkins Hall

Perkins Hall

My best memories are from late at night when I'm trying to procrastinate doing work. Since everyone leaves their doors open, I stop by, say hi, and catch up with people I haven't seen in a few days or so. Great conversations happen about almost anything and everything when you're with the people you live with.

Built in 1960, Perkins Hall was originally constructed by Bryant College and named Gardner Hall. Brown bought the building in 1969, when Bryant moved to Smithfield, Rhode Island. In 1974, the building was renamed as Perkins Hall in honor of Judge Fred B. Perkins '19. Today, the building houses near entirely second-year students, with the only singles in the building used to house Counselors.

Residence Hall Features

  • Communal baths are located on each floor.
  • Communal kitchens with microwaves, ranges, and refrigerators are on each floor.
  • "The Perk," a large lounge and study area is located on the first floor.
  • Laundry, Trash, and Recycling facilities are located in the basement.
  • Approximately 180 sophomores

Residence Hall Rooms

  • Singles: 8
  • Doubles: 93

Items Provided in Room

  • A pre-lofted bed (24 inches clearance from the floor) with twin extralong mattress and pillow
  • A desk and chair
  • A bookcase
  • A dresser
  • A built-in closet
  • A wastebasket
  • A recycling bin (shared between roommates)
  • General room lighting
  • Please see the New Student FAQ for suggestions on items to bring and not to bring.

Residential Peer Leaders

Perkins Hall houses 1 Community Assistant, 1 Community Assistant Rep and 6 Summer Residential Advisors .

Aghi, Krishan, class of 2015

Community Assistant Rep



Hernandez, Maria, class of

Summer Residential Advisor



Jimenez, Christina, class of

Summer Residential Advisor



Mora, Elsa, class of

Summer Residential Advisor



Muir, Cameron, class of

Summer Residential Advisor



Ninia, James, class of 2016

Community Assistant



Rogers, Gwendolyn, class of

Summer Residential Advisor



Rossini, Dagan, class of

Summer Residential Advisor



Perkins Hall Forum

The Perkins Hall Forum is a place to meet other students in your residence hall, discuss your housing assignments, or anything else that affects life in Perkins Hall.

Here is what people are currently discussing.