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New Pembroke

New Pembroke

New Pembroke is such a great place. No other freshman dorm is as close to Thayer Street as NP. Its close to the OMAC (if you like working out), and its close to Ben & Jerry's (which never fails to dissapoint). I like the fact that it's a little further from the Main Green because it allows you to separate your academic life from your social life. Semi-private bathrooms are also a plus and if you’re into 1960’s interior design, then the NP4 lounge is the place for you. The rooms are fairly large and come in many different shapes. NP is close to the V-dub and closer to the mall than most other dorms on campus!

New Pembroke is a four-building complex on the corner of Bowen and Thayer Streets designed by Donlyn Lyndon, Professor and Chairman of the architecture department at M.I.T., an architect with the firm Moore, Lyndon and Tumbull of Boston and New Haven, and Chairman of the Board of Lyndon Associates, Inc.

The buildings were designed to blend well into an area occupied by small stores and large 19th century homes. The architects were so successful in achieving this objective that the design was awarded first place from among 670 entries in an annual nationwide competition sponsored by the magazine Progressive Architecture.

Rooms are grouped into sets of three or four with kitchens and lounges for every twelve to sixteen students.

Residence Hall Features

  • Communal baths are located on each floor.
  • Communal kitchens with microwaves, ranges, and refrigerators are located on the first and second floor of New Pembroke #3 and the second floor of New Pembroke #4.
  • 24 hour study lounge in New Pembroke #4.
  • Laundry facilities located in each building.

Residence Hall Rooms

  • Singles: 39
  • Doubles: 55

Items Provided in Room

  • A bed (11.5 inches clearance from the floor) with twin extralong mattress and pillow
  • A desk and chair
  • A bookcase
  • A dresser
  • A built-in closet
  • A wastebasket
  • A recycling bin (shared between roommates)
  • General room lighting
  • Please see the New Student FAQ for suggestions on items to bring and not to bring.

Residential Peer Leaders

New Pembroke houses 2 Community Assistants. The first year counselors are there to provide educational and social opportunities as well as aid in the transition to life at Brown. Furthermore, Tim Harris, Professor of History, is the Faculty Fellow for the building, hosting weekly study breaks for students in the region.

Asalgado, Natalie, class of 2017

Community Assistant



Carcedo, Julmar, class of 2016

Community Assistant



New Pembroke Forum

The New Pembroke Forum is a place to meet other students in your residence hall, discuss your housing assignments, or anything else that affects life in New Pembroke.

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