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My friends and I often bake things (like cakes or brownies) in the kitchen. Just chilling in the kitchen is a great way to build relationships, since you're all waiting for something that you then enjoy together.

Built in 1963 and renovated in 2002, Emery and Woolley Halls are named after Anne Crosby Emery Allinson, second dean of Pembroke College, and Mary Emma Woolley, one of the first two women graduates in 1894. Together with Morriss-Champlin, Emery-Woolley completes the Pembroke Quadrangle. Both buildings consist of clusters of two or three rooms that share a single-use bathroom and a hall storage closet. The doubles in the residence halls serve as first-year housing, while the singles house upperclassmen. Each floor has a small kitchen and lounge with laundry facilities adjacent. Emery Hall is serviced by an elevator.

Residence Hall Features

  • Semi-private bathroom per approximately 5 residents.
  • Communal lounges are located on the first and third floors.
  • Communal kitchens with microwave and refrigerator are located on each floor. The fourth floor kitchen also has a range.
  • Laundry facilities are located on each floor.
  • Trash and Recycling facilities are located in the basement.
  • Satellite fitness facility located on the ground level.
  • Verney-Woolley Dining Hall located on ground level.
  • Elevator located in building.

Residence Hall Rooms

  • Singles: 21
  • Doubles: 113

Items Provided in Room

  • A bed (11.5 inches clearance from the floor) with twin extralong mattress and pillow
  • A desk and chair
  • A bookcase
  • A dresser
  • A moveable wardrobe
  • A wastebasket
  • A recycling bin (shared between roommates)
  • General room lighting
  • Please see the New Student FAQ for suggestions on items to bring and not to bring.

Residential Peer Leaders

Emery-Woolley houses 1 Resident Counselor, 1 Women Peer Counselor and 1 Resident Counselor Rep. The first year counselors are there to provide educational and social opportunities as well as aid in the transition to life at Brown. Furthermore, Leslie Bostrom, Associate Professor of Art, is the Faculty Fellow for the building, hosting weekly study breaks for students in the region.

Abarca, Cindy, class of 2016

Resident Counselor (Unit 26)



Blake, Colin, class of 2015

Resident Counselor Rep (Unit 24)



Jordan, Maggie, class of 2016

Women Peer Counselor (Unit 23)