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Special Interest Housing

Brown's residential system is a vibrant, interactive community. We believe that the residence hall experience is integral to the outstanding education that Brown offers to its students. Each residence hall is unique and contributes to an exciting, rich and diverse community. Living and learning among students from many cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds is central to the Brown experience.

Coed living by floor is the standard configuration for most residence halls, including the first year living "units." Our residential system is also flexible enough to address specific housing needs. Below is a list of the most common requests made to the housing office.

Please contact the Office of Residential Life at for requests we may assist you with.

Special Interest House Placement to Accommodate Students with Disabilities

Program and special interest houses are assigned to specific locations within the residential inventory by the Residential Life Office on an annual basis. In the event that a program/special interest house has a student member with a disability whose accommodation calls for the house to be relocated to an accessible facility, placement will be determined after a review of program and other special needs of each group, a determination of the number of beds desired for that year, and consultation with the members of the program and special interest housing. Campus housing facilities to which a program house or special interest house could be placed to accommodate a student member with a disability are the following: Keeney Quad, Wriston Quad (except Wayland House), East and West Andrews, Emery/Woolley, Morriss/Champlin, Barbour Hall Apartments, Vartan Gregorian Quad, or Young Orchard #2. Student disability related accommodations under this policy will be determined through the registration procedure with Student and Employee Accessibility Services. Housing accommodations for students with a disability residing in a program/special interest house for the ensuing academic year must be requested by Super Deadline Day when program rosters are finalized in order to ensure that there will be time to accommodate their needs.

Same-sex housing

Some students request to live on an all-female or all-male hallway. We accommodate these requests by designating same-sex floors in coed residence halls. Educational programming for same-sex floors are designed to help residents explore women's and men's issues through events focused on gender.

Upperclassmen can request same-sex housing by filling out a Special Interest Housing Request by Super Deadline Day (see Residential Calendar).

Over 21 housing

Students over the age of 21 who are entering as first-time college students sometimes request housing for those over the age of 21. Over 21 floors are usually designated in co-ed residence halls with other first-year students. Brown recognizes that first year students over the age of 21 may have unique experiences that will impact their transition. These floors can help with the transition to Brown's campus community and provide the support of fellow residents who may share similar experiences.

Substance Free Housing

This housing request comes from students who are committed to a substance free lifestyle. We have designated several halls as substance free. Residents in substance free housing agree that they and their guests will not consume alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol or other substances while in the residence hall. In addition, they agree to abide by the University's non-smoking policy, the University's prohibition against illegal drug use, and the University's policy which requires only medically prescribed use of prescription drugs. The substance-free residence is a special-interest residence hall that includes programs which promote a substance-free environment. Residents are included in program planning in order to ensure that the substance free housing mission is fulfilled. Ability to remain in substance free housing is predicated upon student observance of the substance free housing contract.

Special health concerns should be addressed directly to the coordinator of Student and Employee Accessibility Services.

Quiet Hall

No excessive noise. Quiet Hall is a friendly place which seeks to maintain an environment conducive to sleep and study 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This hall is by no means an anti-social environment; it is simply one in which its residents are more considerate to and respectful of the desires of their hallmates to stick to their own sleep, work, and study schedules. Residents also have traditionally taken pride in maintaining a cleaner and more orderly living environment than the average hall. Quiet Hall has two simple rules:

  1. Simply put, excessive noise is not permitted. Those who wish to listen to music or televisions do so with their doors closed and at low volumes. Conversations are spoken (not screamed or yelled!).
  2. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests are expected to maintain the same standards of quiet as residents.

Special health concerns should be addressed directly to the coordinator for Student and Employee Accessibility Services.