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Spring Closing Notice


All residence halls close on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at noon for all students except graduating seniors. All doors will be locked and card access will be disabled at this time.

If you have had any prohibited items confiscated by the offices of Residential Life or Environmental Health and Safety during the health and safety inspection process, you are responsible for retrieving these items prior to your departure for the summer break. Please contact our office at 401-863-3502 to make arrangements for pick up. All unclaimed items will be discarded beginning Friday, May 27, 2016 at noon.

If extenuating circumstances require you to seek housing past May 21, 2016 at noon, you may request extended housing at the Office of Residential Life web site under forms by May 6, 2016. Housing may be available until May 31, 2016 at noon.

Returning Room Keys

Please return your room keys to the Office of Residential Life in Grad Center E by May 21, 2016 at noon. Our office is open 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. After hours please put your keys in an envelope and use the drop box located at the Charlesfield Street entrance of Grad Center E.

On May 21, 2016, please return your room key to Graduate Center E 3rd floor, Morriss Lounge, or the lobby of Gregorian Quad A between 8:30am-noon.

Avoid billing by doing the following:

  • Residence Halls close on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at noon. Residents who fail to vacate prior to that time will incur a late occupancy fee of $200/day.
  • Ensure all university furniture is in your room - bed, mattress, pillow, desk, chair, bookcase, bureau, trash can, and recycling bin. Rehang drapes or shades if you removed them.
  • Remove all adhesives and marks from walls, ceilings, floors and doors.
  • Take all your personal rugs and furnishings with you. Double-check dressers, closets and desks to insure you have everything. Remove all trash from your room. Please do not leave trash in the hallway. There are 15 additional dumpsters outside of residence halls for your convenience.
  • Lock your door behind you when you leave.
  • Return your key(s) no later than Saturday, May 21, 2016 at noon. There is a $150.00 replacement fee for all unreturned keys after this deadline.

Damage / Replacement Fees

Late Occupancy Fine $200.00/Person/Day
Keys not returned by deadline $100.00
Lock Change Range From $120.00 - $350.00
Trash Up to $100.00/Person
Wall Paint Up to $250.00/Wall
Door Paint Up to $75.00/Side
Ceiling Paint Up to $400.00/Room
Floor Up to $1000.00/Room
Windows Up to $500.00
Shades/Screens Up to $75.00 Each
Furniture Moving /Re-Assembling $100.00/Piece
Bed Frame Up to $150.00
Mattress Up to $150.00
Dresser Up to $350.00
Desk Up to $350.00
Chair Up to $150.00
Bookcase Up to $150.00
Trash Can Up to $10.00
Recycling Bin Up to $10.00
Pillow Up to $10.00
Drapes Up to $1000.00/Room
Floor Lamp Up to $100.00
Wardrobe Up to $500.00

This price schedule is provided as a reminder that there are specific costs related to readying rooms for the next occupant. Our goal in sharing this information is to encourage you to do what it takes to avoid being charged.

Shipping and Storage

On campus storage is not available.

Storage Center Providence will be available on campus to assist students with storage needs. Please go to the BSA website for more information.